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Land Dirt Pipe Construction, LLC is owned by a father (Jerry Perkl) and son (Nolan Perkl) team, who are both are actively engaged in the daily operations of the business.  Supported by a highly experienced management team and crews with decades of experience in the industry, Land Dirt Pipe Construction, LLC has been providing excavation contracting and site preparation services in the western Washington region for many years.  The company is licensed, bonded and insured and subscribes to this highest level of business ethics and reliability.

Specializing in commercial and residential excavation, Land Dirt Pipe Construction has been doing utility construction, demolition, site clearing, debris removal, grading, and plat development for many years.  Projects involve site preparation for both commercial and residential facilities including office buildings, manufacturing facilities, multi-family housing, and individual home sites.

Land Dirt Pipe ConstructionIn addition, our experienced team handles sewer and water line installation, fire lines, storm drain systems (including vaults), septic systems and side sewer installations and repairs (including drain fields), retaining walls, and retention ponds.  Trenching and pipe installation is done using the latest digital technology to ensure accuracy and quality.  Being sensitive to the environment, the company practices TECP compliance and handles erosion control on every project.

As a “one-stop shop”, Land Dirt Pipe Construction also handles complete plat development projects that require concrete work (including walls, curbs, and sidewalks), lighting, and asphalt paving (including striping and signage) providing access to, and within, each project as required.  In addition, your project may require French and/or footing drains, interceptor trenches, downspouts, fencing, or landscaping, all of which can be handled by our professional installation teams.

Since we are a family company and live in the area, we maintain 24/7/365 emergency service capability and have the equipment and technical expertise to resolve issues involving dirt removal and pipe repair.

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